Tuesday, December 24, 2013

  ~~The Great Pudding ~~
WIshes You a

Happy Christmas!

The Great Pudding was inspired by this single entry in early Warhammer 40K Lore:

"As the governor of a hive-world you find it difficult to keep order at the best of times. Things have been getting worse since a madman started a new religion based around the premise that a  vast floating pudding would appear to make life better for everyone -- the people have stopped working, even the military has been affected and you can't rely on your own staff anymore. Yesterday you caught your mother reading a pamphlet entitled, "The Pudding is coming-- ten reasons why you should believe." Today the prophet of this insane religion, the Rev. Jeronimo Kipling, will be conducting a whistle stop tour of the run-down city bottom district of Tumbletown. You have positioned a special unit to attack and kill him. The troops dressed in civilian gear as you intend on blaming the whole thing on a rival religious group (possibly the Anadentists or the Church of the Lucid Shirt Button). The target will be surrounded by the usual bodyguards and mobs, and his vehicle may be well protected."

Work forthcoming inspired by the Anadentists.


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