Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrath of Heroes: The Quick Goodbye

In memory of this cool, fun, characterful game, I present the concept I entered for the Hero Design Contest, sponsored by The best part of this whole experience was that Mythic created a Hero similar in style to mine, Xuq'ls The Gibbering, and his alternate skin was that of a Blue Horror!

~Golmir, Herald of Tzeentch~

Army: Daemons of Chaos
Theme: Mobile & Disruptive--Stances, Charged Abilities and Counters.

HP: 750-800 (variable)

Traitor Aura: deals 15% more damage on rival Chaos heroes and receives 5% less heals.


Stance I: Storm of Chaos

1.) Fickle Flame: medium-range missile, bounces from one target to next within 25 feet, 40 (20 + 20) total damage, if no other nearby target: 30 damage to one target. *Adds stack to Boon of TChar

2.) Boon of Tchar (release on 3 stacks): AOE Buff (25 ft) on friendly targets—one random ability cooldown resets.

3.) Warp: Short-range teleport (random location)

4.) Rag Doll: Clones a stationary (but Ability-miming) Decoy, explodes after 2 seconds, 180 AOE DOT (60/sec.for 3 seconds)

5.) Change Stance—Heart of the Raven (25 sec. cooldown)

Stance II: Heart of the Raven

1.) Tendrils of the Dreamer: AOE melee attack (5ft.), 25 dmg, Has 5% chance to max Golmir’s HP to 800 for 10 seconds. *Adds stack to Wave of Change.

2.) Wave of Change (release on 3 stacks): Counter Debuff , aura (5 ft range, lasts 3 sec) raises cooldown by 3 seconds on target’s
ability that was used on Golmr (if attacked).

3.) Orange Flame, 3 sec. invulnerability/counter aura, feedback dmg on targets attacking Golmir (max 3 targets, max 90 dmg total).

4.) Dance of Fools: AOE Debuff blast that knocks heroes (max 3, incl. friendlies) 25 ft. away to random locations.

5.) Change Stance—Storm of Chaos (25 sec. cooldown)

Offense: 2/4
Support: 2/4
Complexity 4/4


1) Perk: Violet Fire, unlocks at 18 Assists (9+9)

High-damage single target. medium-range DOT flame spews from Golmir’s mouth. 200 dmg DOT over 3 sec.*

*Additional Effect: If target dies, will leave a Pink Horror (600 HP) that attacks with Fickle Flame (powered with Green Fire) and Tendrils of the Dreamer in 50 foot radius for 5 seconds.

2) Alt: Aekold’s Gift of Life: summons misc. flora & fauna in 25 ft. radius, 3 random heroes (including enemies, if any) restore 27 life/sec. for 3 sec. in AOE (if any), *Replaces Rag Doll.

3) Mastery--Green Fire: Adds a 3rd flame to Fickle Flame but has an 9% chance to hit a friendly target.

4) Alt--Disc of Tzeentch: summons disc that increases speed for limited time. *Replaces Warp with a 4 second Sprint immune to Root, Snares, Pulls, and Knockdowns.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

We're getting the Warband together...

Or rather, "Squad" in 40k parlance. But Warband sounds more Metal when it's Malal Cultists...

Cultist #1, in the service of Malal's Champion, Kaleb Daark (40k)


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reaper Leprechaun riding Owl

Really great sculpt by Jason Wiebe, can be found here or here.
Here are some other great sculpts from Jason.

Notes: I intentionally avoided the go-to color scheme for both owl and leprechaun. I used the Kakapo as inspiration for the owl, and more of a Valentine's Day/cupid motif for the leprechaun, since this was a present :) The symbol is Japanese (Kanji) for "Sake."


Saturday, March 09, 2013

Kaleb Daark 40K



I used the Bretonnian standard bird-beak inelegantly piled on with Green Stuff to make Deathaxe. The head was from the old Space Wolves sprue, and the hair was part of a tail from some forgotten miniature. The chained-on bolter is from the old Black Templar sprue. I added a Dark Angel pistol as an allusion to the secretive Fallen. The right shoulder pad has a skull with a single horn sprouting from its forehead, further imagery borrowed from the original model. The skill is flanked by the old Lost and the Damned Chaos runes for Chaos Weapon and Magic Resistant.  I think I'll start using those symbols as references from now on!


Horntooth, Familiar of Malal

Even Malal has little friends too...this is one of his smallest followers.
Done up in the bisected B&W scheme, with some OSL that barely shows up on camera.
Kaleb Daark coming soon, in both 40k and Fantasy flavors.

From the set, Famous Familiars. One of the best-kept secrets of Oldhammer goodies that can still be bought on GW's website :)


Saturday, March 02, 2013

Old Stuff Day!!

I wanted to continue the idea of Old Stuff Day, also seen here and here*, but with a twist: as there aren't that many blogs on this blog itself, I am going to share something old to me, but new to (mostly, I am assuming) all viewers:

This "Imp" conversion was done in 2005. It's simply Green Stuff (Kneadtite) eyeballs pushed into a regular Warhammer Goblin skirmisher. The pitchfork is from the Warhammer Zombie sprue. I wanted to go for a old-time cartoony devil look. I think I should make more of these.

I plan on adding some more of these "old" minis to show myself how far I've gone since then, and how far I still need to go...after all, that's what makes it a "hobby!!"

* Currently my favorite blog, and responsible for joining Oldhammer and for taking the initiative in finally sharing my minis with bloggers.


Friday, March 01, 2013

The Crimson King's Banner

Miniature Painting proper will take over this blog for awhile. I will amend it with updated photos as the quality of my documentation increases, or upon my flight of fancy and/or spirit of whimsy.

For now, let us look at the following, a banner painted to accompany the Crimson King, Exalted Champion of Tzeentch...

Warhammer Fantasy Banner based on the album cover of King Crimson's first album

Based, of course, on the first album of King Crimson, titled, In the Court of the Crimson King.

Colors used include, but not limited to, Mordian Blue for banner base followed by Mechrite Red for face base coat, along with generous amounts of inks and Dheneb Stone and Ice Blue for mixing into highlights. All of these colors are now "out of production" as of this post (and not soon after finishing this model--2012--in fact).

Where, one might ask, is the King himself? Well, let us leave that answer for another day...