Saturday, March 02, 2013

Old Stuff Day!!

I wanted to continue the idea of Old Stuff Day, also seen here and here*, but with a twist: as there aren't that many blogs on this blog itself, I am going to share something old to me, but new to (mostly, I am assuming) all viewers:

This "Imp" conversion was done in 2005. It's simply Green Stuff (Kneadtite) eyeballs pushed into a regular Warhammer Goblin skirmisher. The pitchfork is from the Warhammer Zombie sprue. I wanted to go for a old-time cartoony devil look. I think I should make more of these.

I plan on adding some more of these "old" minis to show myself how far I've gone since then, and how far I still need to go...after all, that's what makes it a "hobby!!"

* Currently my favorite blog, and responsible for joining Oldhammer and for taking the initiative in finally sharing my minis with bloggers.


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