Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Slambo, Oldhammer Chaos Champion of Malal

I finally managed to find the long-OOP chaos champion infamously known as Slambo. In a fit of inspired mania, I managed to paint him in one ten-hour session. In keeping with the Oldhammer spirit, I decided upon the especially fluffy obsolescence of the now-trending forgotten anti-chaos Chaos God, Malal, as Slambo's new patron of choice.

Colour recipes (Using mostly the Citadel range):

"Black:" /Nuln oil/, /Drakenhof Nighshade/, Shadow Grey, Fenrisian Grey, /Drakenhof Nightshade/

"White:" Rakarth Flesh, /Seraphim Sepia/, Bleached Bone, Pallid Wych Flesh, Ceramite White

/denotes wash

I found him on eBay (PROTIP: look under,"chaos champion OOP," rather than Slambo to save about 20-30 bucks).

You can get him HERE, albeit not in oldschool 'Eavy Metal (pewter), but rather fiddly resin.