Friday, March 29, 2013

Wrath of Heroes: The Quick Goodbye

In memory of this cool, fun, characterful game, I present the concept I entered for the Hero Design Contest, sponsored by The best part of this whole experience was that Mythic created a Hero similar in style to mine, Xuq'ls The Gibbering, and his alternate skin was that of a Blue Horror!

~Golmir, Herald of Tzeentch~

Army: Daemons of Chaos
Theme: Mobile & Disruptive--Stances, Charged Abilities and Counters.

HP: 750-800 (variable)

Traitor Aura: deals 15% more damage on rival Chaos heroes and receives 5% less heals.


Stance I: Storm of Chaos

1.) Fickle Flame: medium-range missile, bounces from one target to next within 25 feet, 40 (20 + 20) total damage, if no other nearby target: 30 damage to one target. *Adds stack to Boon of TChar

2.) Boon of Tchar (release on 3 stacks): AOE Buff (25 ft) on friendly targets—one random ability cooldown resets.

3.) Warp: Short-range teleport (random location)

4.) Rag Doll: Clones a stationary (but Ability-miming) Decoy, explodes after 2 seconds, 180 AOE DOT (60/sec.for 3 seconds)

5.) Change Stance—Heart of the Raven (25 sec. cooldown)

Stance II: Heart of the Raven

1.) Tendrils of the Dreamer: AOE melee attack (5ft.), 25 dmg, Has 5% chance to max Golmir’s HP to 800 for 10 seconds. *Adds stack to Wave of Change.

2.) Wave of Change (release on 3 stacks): Counter Debuff , aura (5 ft range, lasts 3 sec) raises cooldown by 3 seconds on target’s
ability that was used on Golmr (if attacked).

3.) Orange Flame, 3 sec. invulnerability/counter aura, feedback dmg on targets attacking Golmir (max 3 targets, max 90 dmg total).

4.) Dance of Fools: AOE Debuff blast that knocks heroes (max 3, incl. friendlies) 25 ft. away to random locations.

5.) Change Stance—Storm of Chaos (25 sec. cooldown)

Offense: 2/4
Support: 2/4
Complexity 4/4


1) Perk: Violet Fire, unlocks at 18 Assists (9+9)

High-damage single target. medium-range DOT flame spews from Golmir’s mouth. 200 dmg DOT over 3 sec.*

*Additional Effect: If target dies, will leave a Pink Horror (600 HP) that attacks with Fickle Flame (powered with Green Fire) and Tendrils of the Dreamer in 50 foot radius for 5 seconds.

2) Alt: Aekold’s Gift of Life: summons misc. flora & fauna in 25 ft. radius, 3 random heroes (including enemies, if any) restore 27 life/sec. for 3 sec. in AOE (if any), *Replaces Rag Doll.

3) Mastery--Green Fire: Adds a 3rd flame to Fickle Flame but has an 9% chance to hit a friendly target.

4) Alt--Disc of Tzeentch: summons disc that increases speed for limited time. *Replaces Warp with a 4 second Sprint immune to Root, Snares, Pulls, and Knockdowns.

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