Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Munny on My Mind...

So I've been wanting to paint my Munny for awhile. After some technical difficulties*, I am finally devising a schematic of what it would look like (in my mind). Actually painting it will come later. I am currently thinking: which artists inspire me the most, currently? What simple, direct color scheme would I use?

Some Examples
More Examples (LA Show)
More Examples (Mini Contest)

*Involving sticky acrylic that had to be sanded down

UPDATE! Some of my sketched-out designs...

UPDATE! 3-12-08

Inspired by
Goya's Owls, I have decided to do another sketch. (see above fourth/last sketch in sequence)

Owls can be
symbols of:
-Superstition (Goya)
-Heresy (Medieval Europe)
-Wisdom (Animist/Pantheist religions)
-Christ's Vigilance (Aderdeen Bestiary)

So I decided I liked the ambiguity of that image, as a mask.
 The theme will be a "self-portrait" of sorts, with traditional green-ink tattoos of YHWH on the Dexter (Right) side and Satan on the Sinister (Left) side. Other ideas I am toying with include feet of clay, and/or a trompe l'oiel magnifying glass on the belly-button to signify the navel-gazing qualities of the self-portrait...

My color scheme will be a simple warm-cool dichotomy, probably emphasizing reverse contrast through saturation levels.

Stay Tuned!!

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theneon said...

Well, is it finished yet? Are you taking me out for dinner?