Friday, December 14, 2007

My Life-Long Dreamytime Sequelmakery

Ghouls'n Ghosts was one of the most influential games I ever played. It has even guided, in some ways, my aesthetic when it comes to the very modus of Paintery Itself.

Here is a piece I wrote about this game, Hosted and Compiled by the venerable Mike Bevan and his Destroy all Monsters!.

And I present, once again, Ghasts'N Ghouls.

Of course, I have played with many other ideas...


Andrew Baker said...

Dear Dain,
I put a random search into the search engine and was lucky enough to come up with your main website. I then found my way here.
I have just looked at your piece 'Panoply'. It is a great picture and which shows a developing love of the stuff of painting. It is original and shows a great tension with a depicted image and the emotion of its treatment.
I too like the images of graphic art whilst also loving the pure act of painting. Trying to bring them together is a life's work.
The piece I have described above could almost be a sequence, where you develop the pictorial structures and allow the figuration to change and incorporate different things. I see this as one of a tryptict. Plse feel welcome to look at some of my imaginative drawings at
They are done very quickly and from imagination, mainly using a brush and watercolour or ink.
Thank you again.

Dain Q. Gore said...

Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. I looked at your page and especially liked your gesture drawings--good use of tension versus lightness!

Dain Q. Gore said...

Just looked some more--very nice watercolors as well! You have a great sense of multifarious greys and saturation of color.