Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mr.Kane, His Life and His Incidentals, Part The 2nd; Or, the nebulous story of the John Kane Tribute painting

The preceding is a monochromatic reproduction of an image, painted by the author upon stretched, mass-produced canvas utilising equally mass-produced linseed-oil-pigment medium.

The image proper is and was inspired by the combination of the myth and the man.

If one were to read Mr. Kane's biography (mentioned previously), one could perhaps put together clues that bind the portrait with some realities, as well as some artistic (as it were), as well as historic, liberties. Most noteworthy in this example is that John Kane The Real did not "Take up The Arts" after boxing, but after succumbing to a crippling accident. See the biography link below for specific (all true) details.

However, dear Reader-Spectateur, I must in all candor admit that the misinformed author-artist was simply inspired by the fringe romanticism and mysterty of a man who could have been a limner-itinerant portrait artist , a circus roustabout, an eccentric pseudo-scientist/mad prophet (also known in classical times as a "Philosopher"), a revolutionary museum founder, or a boxer. That he was, in all truth and reality, only some of these things makes it all the more fascinating. This combination of the real and the imagined is surely one that could survive in several subsequent artistic depictions. Accurate or not.

Fully Titled: Grandeloquent Fisticuffed Splendor; Or, The Last Fight of One Mr. John Kane before taking up the Arts.

~Dain Quentin Gore

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