Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"The best thing in the world for a young artist to do would be to hire himself out to a good painting contractor" ~John Kane, 1860-1934

After many years of wondering who the above quoted individual was; and if, in fact, Mr. Kane even existed* I have seen a vindication of sorts, a "small victory" if you will, thanks being oblidged to an article-biography regarding the real tangible man now known as John Kane.

*There has been, for quite some time, a misunderstanding with regard to his contribution to the realm of reality, one made famous by a defunct (and later succeeded by others of a similar interest) musical ensemble known for its compositional and lyrical conundrums inspired by such a fantastical philosophy as that which they had ascribed to the selfsame John Kane (replete with photos, even!), in the form of a three-step rubric (incl. a diagram) known as becoming:

a.) Charming.
b.) Bullet-Proof.
c.) Invisible.

Apparently in the prescribed numerical sequence.

However, this same man was also (or at least, rather, in the case of when dealing with the matters-at-hand known as the quotidienne reality that we know to be true) what is called in the popular parlance an "Outsider Artist."

I have therefore stumbled happenstance upon an article of great interest to few people, which means it deserves undivided attention in a forum such as this. Here, then, is the article in question; below, as follows:

Please to click upon subsequent link, so placed here.

As one may then notice from the above link, this man also is a number, according to the museum that holds some of his works and by no coincidence, this very rare biography.

~Dain Quentin Gore.

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