Monday, December 05, 2016


Lately I'm on a Familiar kick. The release of the Silver Tower boxed set has somewhat revitalized an interest in these horrible yet cute little things. Their diminutive size belies their sinister nature, as so much of the mythology surrounding the familiar in fantasy is also attached to the concept of homonculi. This coincided with the upcoming and previous holidays, and how each year (so far as of recent) I have tried to paint something new in the Christmas...spirit. A few years ago it started with THE GREAT PUDDING, a long-forgotten chaos god relegated to a single entry way back in the ROGUE TRADER days.

Anyway, I acquired a mini about two years ago I really wanted to paint, but was a afraid to do. Eventually I gathered the courage and painted SANITY CLAWS.

So now, I decided he needed a companion. Why not make a familiar to help him out with his Christmas Curses? And why not make it a herald or lesser daemon, as it were, of THE GREAT PUDDING??!

I went forth and converted a Famous Familiar* jack-o-lantern sculpt into a Sugar Plum Familiar, a...Sanity's Little Helper of sorts...

And, So, here they are together...

*Now (only?) available in resin, and the cast of characters has been reduced to less than half!

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