Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dans la vie, Il ya de Cactus...

Cactus Shaman, Acrylic on Munny, found objects, 2011
Photo by Daniel Funkhouser

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Patricia said...

Is that an eye?!? Or a cactus? Or both? Well if it represents an eye-this small figurine might symbolise the spiritual eye- which guides not only the soul but the actions of a person's body as well. There are many references in the bible to the eye, in particular- spiritual sight- contrasting darkness- with light, and spiritual blindness with site (or spiritual inisght/ awareness.)

In one instance, Jesus challanges the listener to gauge out his eye if it becomes an occasion or cause to sin. And this is not only symbolic statement but literal as well. Why forfeit your eternal salvation if you cannot control or censor what your eyes see and process. If you can not censor yourself- and are indeed so weak as to allow your body to react to the whims of what you see or percieve then you must remove the offens- in this case they eye!

That eye appears to be posturing in a triumphant and confident pose, holding a staff- one that only a member of royalty would hold. Or perhaps it represents the staff that a wise, ancient and respected prophet would hold. Regardless, I believe it is significant in that this figure is portraying the stubboness and self importance that the eye holds, both literally and symbolically. For example, vision in of itself is a sense that is paramount in importance. It guides and influcences just about every aspect of life. Symbolically, our perceptions guide our lives as well. Just about everything we do is based on our "vision" or perception. As mentioned in the bible, our perceptions- our vision, whether guided by light (goodness) or darkness (evil) guides every action and choice. Symbolized by the eye, perhaps we are all analagous to walking, talking animated eyes as depicted by this figurine.