Friday, November 13, 2009


Harry Wood Gallery, ASU. Tempe, AZ
November 2-13, 2009

Thesis Statement:

My body of work is envisioned by the spiritual matters of my upbringing. I was persistently taught that the world would end-- and be reborn-- in my lifetime.This world began to seem temporary; every achievement golden, every failure one of impending doom. I extrapolated later that if it had to end, it should take place in a spectacular way.

These paintings celebrate the narrative traditions of both Christian and Secular end-time scenarios through shifting depictions of fools and heroes, gods and demons: my cast of characters alter scale, form, color and role, as they always do in my imagination. I enjoy toying with boundaries between the sacred and profane in these tellings of Christian stories.

The players upon these stages occupy a mythic space; that is, they come from insubstantial ether that I formally compare to my cast of characters, shifting along and through unseen light sources, emerging from dark voids that hold infinite promise of unknown creation. The scenes continue to play out along the surface of landscapes fraught with the doubts that exist in all supernatural visions.

Dain Q. Gore

The Thesis process was incredible. I had the honor of working with many highly professional Professors during my stay at ASU, but three in particular became my Committee: Mark Pomilio, Forrest Solis, and Jerry Schutte. I was glad to work with new artists as well as familiar faces from my undergrad days at ASU (BFA Drawing, 2000).

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