Saturday, October 15, 2005

An Infernal Contraption

A witnessed speculation of events which have transpired, based on first-hand experiences with said contraption, all true.

It is an incredibly small object; a white, capsule-shaped wand that fits into the palm of the hand, capable of wondrous, beautiful and (for some, perhaps) horrible things. A sigil on the face of the wand controls the magic from mortal flesh to its false ivory internal workings...the small, blinking lights would frighten the ignorant, but the sounds would astonish or humble.

Attached to it is a flexible tether. This must be the transit line by which the magic is channeled, perhaps via the elves who carry the musical notes from one place (the Machine-ling) to another (the mortal's impressionable brain). I never imagined such magic to be possible in so tiny an environment.

The sounds emanate from a tether from a sort of tiny beacon. I see people everywhere with it injected into their heads. They act as if it is a natural consequence of being a human.


diaper king said...

Another great blog man! What a 4 you are! I couldn't derive half the fantastic ideas that you come up with.
My baby shower diaper cake site is a little off your topic but noteworthy. Why aren't you in advertising or better yet a "think tank". Can you teach this kind of creative thinking? Is it something you were born with? Keep the fabulous ideas coming! Let's say a prayer for Pakistan and hope for the best.

brigette said...

I'm guessing you're speaking of head phones/ipods. Do i win a prize? :D

Sorry i'm frinken bored. Gosh this blog is old. Wholey interesting way of looking at things. I find i too think of things is such a way. Then again if i'm wrong about it then i suppose i don't.