Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Brief Look at "Homonculous as the Eye-Taker"

This painting is based on a small homonculous I made by accident in my early youth.

Homonculous: "A device contrived to represent a living being, usually a person. Used most often in reference to the apocryphal world of the Al Kimical Arts (That is, the arts of Al-Khim, the foreigner's name for ancient Egypt). Also, a simulacra of a human being seen in the animal or plant kingdom."

~Paraphrased from one Mr.J. Randi's Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural.

The "Homonculous" in this case is in the Eye-Taker Aspect. An arbitrary decision, based on his absence of eyes. I neglected to give this fake-person anything real but my baby teeth, inadvertently qualifying it, perhaps, for the title of true homonculous (in the classical sense). At the time, my childhood fascination lie with a film by the name of Labyrinth. So I then attempted to fashion a goblin out of clay.

The reason I later wanted to make this painting was to portray how the 4 (-1=3) Humors, (as Phlematic---sickly green--would probably be rather listless) all inventions of medical imagination, would react to a further contrivance of more overtly supernatural stature. The irony, perhaps, is that the statue I had made was much smaller in scale than it is here represented. The idea is bigger than the object, as it were...

~Dain Q. Gore

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