Thursday, March 24, 2005

An explanation (requested or otherwise) of the painting titled "Hypgnosis"

To follow (somewhat) the theme of an antecedent article (That is, the one regarding a brief explanation of the painting whose approximate abbreviations are "G.F.S.: (being an account of)J.K.L.F.B.T.A."),

I will continue the series by making mention of a previous painting that had been completed when I was trying to find, coincidentally, a theme for what type of art on which I would like to focus.

Given this, I was also listening to various musicians; in fact, many of the selfsame performing artists who had created a clever, compelling mythology surrounding John Kane. I was also aware of a certain superstition wherein treasure could be found with a "Hand of Glory" all while putting to sleep any occupants who might be sentries entrusted with guarding said treasure. I decided to juxtapose this disembodied hand, intentionally "severed" along the picture plane, with a large blue face, perhaps the ghost released from the hand, who conducts the spell upon the hapless man sitting on the book, the treasure.

Hence, the pictorial rubric, as follows:

Book--> knowledge--> Gnosis.
Hypnos--> god of sleep.

Hypgnosis, a pun or parody of Sleeping Knowledge. That is to say, The/a sleep of Reason, which produces monsters, according to one Francisco Lucientes Goya.

~Dain Quentin Gore


DADICUS said...

Through all of your attempts you have finally managed to write over the heads of your readers! I have no Idea what you have been saying in any of these posts! Normal it up for gods sake! YOU'RE THE BEST! and obviously smarter than me

Dain Q. Gore said...

Esteemed Colleague Dadicus,

Verily, it is not so much an attempt to be as obtuse or foreign as possible, or to the "putting-on-of airs," as it were, of self-importance or pendantic rambling;

Rather, it, this blog in question, at its most earnest is intended as a receptacle, a catalogue or archive or miscellany, perhaps, of the thoughts that go into my head, by no means always intentional (but synchronized with others, usually), in most cases literary in origin (that is, not coincidental but in fact volitional) mostly dealing with a random fascination with the above profiled special realms;

These thoughts, therefore, are herein collected so as for them not to merely escape unspoken or unshared, but to appear first...

a.)In some ephemeral form, sometimes resulting in my paintings or in my artwork in general, but sometimes not*. However, it is this artwork that then sometimes (oftentimes)...

b.) Escapes explanation in the form that it should be, the form being as it is somewhat portrayed in this blog, which is closer (but not exactly) to the manner intended...which is, in its purest form, the thought process that remains firmly ensconced in (and indebted to) my imagination, but so often does not have a chance to enter a more concrete realm.


*This would be exemplified in my random musings regarding subjects that may subsequently result in a painting, or in fact be included in a painting not as a major subject but in fact a vignette.

MaximillionMayhem said...

Happenstance seems to be in concordence with providence, for this day they have conspired, more so than normal but still less so than possible, both being that which have directed my ashen thoughts here which is of all place such a small nook on the sprawling libidinous Web, overrun with "pr0n," being what it is called in AOL or "leet" speak, having fought the feral hyenas, not to imply that hyenas are non carnal or crazed but that such a distinction must be made when the times of our existence are percieved through the eyes of one Miss Clinton, Senator no less, brandishing her name and power to blame the evils that men do, and have done since the fall of man, if one is so inclined to believe, that "feral" is quite tame by today's standards which are in fact those yesterday recycled and lied upon, if not about of with, Oh how the Bible's teachings of truth and morallity have been squandered much like that of a dog gnawing at roast beef or a fine fat goose, also roasted, presumabbly, as there is no better way to prepare geese, except maybe in some some unwritten mind of a tribal cook-part shaman on a small remote island that is still isolated, Ha!, or Xenophobic and possesing one of the Atlantean Power Crystals, sheilding them from technology and internet but allowing them the all too taken for granted ability of sight, sometimes lacking in people, that we cherish only when having lost, i.e. forsaken, but not such with willful disposition that it can be gargantuan in remorse, those who do and ill willed and fail to see, pun intended, the last beacon of man's many lives, that lie in ambush to infect, Nay! inflict upon my humming warm silicon and gold threaded steed, perhaps no more bridled than that of an alley cat, old in age and short in temper that happens upon a saucer of milk, chilled, on a hot august day, Oh No! For in my hurry to express my ideas logically and with the utmost clarity I have stumbled upon my emotions nad unable to reign in the speed of my fingers, blindingly fast and aloof, I have missed the correct grammatical, perhaps semantical, capitalizaton of the month which bears on past great Caesar's name, for shame on me the bearer of this ill I will!!! I now amd rendered with submission to my master Ego as my faults shine brightly like the star of Jerusalem, God Bless Us!, or pertaining to the sparks of genius that Einstein delved from forth and through...

Dain Q. Gore said...

Invoker of Ego,


Name-dropper of such unequal figures as Senator Clinton and Albrecht Einstein,


Loose-Slinger of Visual Metaphor,

Mayhaps be ye a Romantic in so rendering corporeal an abstract concept such as Ego in addition to the ever-creative run-on paragraph?


(The more likely of the two)
Mayhaps be ye an impostor, a poseur by the also-artificed name of Sikander, or Adrimagnon; or, perhaps still, some other minion under his libellous, infamous, Satsui-no-Hado influence?

Either way, to create such a psedonym with the sole intent of posting and not leaving behind some remnant of even an ersatz identity seems suspect and unbecoming of a member of the so-called "blogosphere."

Worse still, the lack of parenthetical thought and the compulsion of the author in question to evoke solliloquy rather than any sort of erudite (or even lucid) argument, indeed, to invoke Ego in a fashion quite literal, causes me to abandon my already fickle Reason in favor of lower faculties such as my even more capricious, base Emotion.

Please to inform me of said author's status, and what such status has to do with the painting above titled "Hypgnosis."


DADICUS said...

Dain you've been topped by a more obscure and Bizarre human who is lost of all comprehedable Thought? Dain I understand you better now and think That the Maximillionaire is prob' Adrian??? Because I blame everything I don't understand on Adrian ....kind of like the devil or the dark!